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Here's what our students had to say about their "Love My Womb Academy" class experience! Whoo Hoo! We love to create a sacred space for healing and making our Sista's happy!

Yoni Steaming Training
"Thank God for you Ms. Honey! All I can say is I feel So much better from the delicious cuisine you prepared for us ladies, to the Yoni steaming that has given my UTERUS LIFE AGAIN!!  I'm a Fan!! Thanks again MS. HONEY, and to the ladies that I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with...I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! Thank you all as well, for everything. We all needed it... I Love you Tracey!! Smooches!"

Chrissy Choice - Longview, TX.

"The education I received in the practitioner course was so much more than I came into the class expecting. Tracey you are a great teacher and you established an environment for achieving success. I left the course feeling that I can definitely do this. The material you shared was well rounded and empowering. It is with a high level of gratitude that I pray for the continued growth and success of this program and for all students that your program touches with your passion and knowledge."

Adilah Muhammad, Atlanta, GA.

"I attended Love My Womb Academy and it was a life changing experience. The doctors wanted to give my hysterectomy. All of that changed after my classes and learning what I've learned to heal myself. I'm now helping other women, and have been since the week I got back from classes. I couldn't have done it with out you, Tracey Bryant Swint it was transformational and a lot of fun. I think you're an amazing woman, teacher, and priestess. I feel blessed to be part of your tribe."

Michelle Ochtera ~Hollywood, FL.

"Although I am a work in progress, I have made considerable, measurable progress since attending the Love My Womb Academy. I cannot thank Tracey enough for my transformation. Three months ago I was in another place, a place of stagnation, routine, and fear of being successful. After attending Love My Womb Academy, I can truly say "I have awakened!” I have clarity, peace, and most of all pride!"

Dr. W. Claire Wages ~ Columbia, SC.

"This journey at Love My Womb Academy taught me more about inner strength and faith. I learned to think outside the box and have confidence in what I can manifest. When I first heard I won the scholarship I cried tears because I literally desired so strongly to become a healer with natural medicine and practices. The scholarship covered room and food but the true blessing was the love I received. I learned a lot about the womb and how to ensure you take care of her because that is where you give birth not only to children but your dreams. I'm loving my journey as a healer and it has only just begun. Ase'👑. "

Dany Marie ~ Birmingham, AL.

"Several years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS, and was told that I was infertile and that my best options of naturally conceiving were slim, and that I needed to go the alternative route. Well, I didn't like those diagnosis nor options, so I began my journey of self-healing. Several years past before I'd discovered vaginal steam. I tried it several times sporadically as a novelty before I'd really learned of the benefits, that’s when I found Tracey at Love My Womb Academy and signed-up! I began my self-care right away. I'd had a pre-op MRI scheduled prior, to check status of a large cyst that I’ve been carrying around for nearly three years and to proceed with having it removed. I had the appointment and went to my doctor, for results and further instructions and to my wonderful surprise he said the THE MRI DID NOT SHOW ME HAVING ANY CYSTS ON MY OVARIES!  WHAT?!  That was it! I couldn’t tell you the next words that came out of his mouth but It was something like "I see no need for surgery!"
Thank you, Tracey, for being a beacon of light in the world helping us all find balance and peace with our wombs.  Because Tracey answered her calling I now have the opportunity to do the same with Love, Peace, And Blessings."

Demetria Warren ~ Hephzibah, ATL.

"Oh my goodness! Words can't express my gratitude for Love My Womb Academy. From the initial phone conversation, I knew I made the right choice for my education. Tracey Bryant Swint is a true goddess, from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. Her knowledge and curriculum is out of this world, she has the ability to articulate words like no other, but also keep it real. The greatest gift about this learning experience was the currency. I left FULL! This experience is womb changing, in many facets."

Eve Morehead ~  Tacoma, WA.

"At age 37 all I knew is that I was existing...I was a walking zombie. I had been sexually molested, raped and abused all before I was 18. All I ever wanted was to be loved. Then I found Love My Womb Academy. The first day I entered the academy I was embraced with a big hug from Tracey and my heart begun to unthaw from the coldness. Love, forgiveness and healing had introduced itself to me within 3 days. I came in cold, hurt, lost and confused! I left knowing who I was, my mission was decided, and healing had begun, and I felt loved unconditionally."

Latisha Dunlap ~ Statesville, NC.

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