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Many of us have heard of the Yoni Egg. We like to call them Goddess Gemstone Eggs. For those of us who haven't heard, they are vaginal weights crafted from gemstones that are shaped in the form of an egg. These beautiful vagina gems tighten and tone the pelvic floor and increase sexual pleasure. They are even becoming popularized by celebrities and main stream media.

Regina Hall shares her experience with Goddess Gemstone Eggs.

Goddess Gemstone Eggs are more than a new phenomenon. They are more than a fad! They have been used among Empresses and women of royalty in Asia for vaginal health, sexual pleasure, and sensual vitality for more than 5000 years. This knowledge was only privy to those women of high court and in the sexual arts, BUT

Now, The Secret Is Out!

Now, we are experiencing the age and re-awakening of the Divine Feminine. The spirit of love and femininity has blessed us with special tools, and enlightened knowledge for women to regain and reconnect with our sacred source of supreme power, which is in our sexuality. The Goddess Gemstone Egg is just one of these available love sources. Yes, Goddess it's HERE!

So now I ask you....

Do you desire to reawaken your sensuality and connect with your sacred sexual pleasure?

  Do you desire to tap into your ability to create from your source of power?

Do you desire to empower other women to experience the fullness of their source of power?

Do you desire to see your creation manifest itself into a lucrative business?

If you said YES....

Here's your opportunity to help women reawaken their sensuality and reconnect with their sexuality and their source of supreme power.

Become a certified Love My Womb Academy Goddess Gemstone Egg Specialist.  Start your very own Goddess Gemstone Egg movement. Learn what and what not to put in your vagina!

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